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Monday, June 10, 2019

Utah Gov. Criticizes Feds for Medical Cannabis Policies

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, a Republican, ripped the federal government for “their lack of action and attention” on medical cannabis policy, FOX 13reports. The comments came during his monthly press conference in response to a question about why the state decided to treat medical cannabis like any other prescription drug.
Utah’s Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing recently announced that it will take no action against anyone who is legally using medical cannabis and will treat it like any other prescription – effectively preventing someone from being fired for being enrolled in the medical cannabis program.
“Putting the states now in an awkward position of following the will of the people who want to have access to medical cannabis and yet, there’s the potential of violation of the law and banking laws because of inaction by the federal government. They ought to be ashamed.” – Herbert, via FOX 13
The state is expected to roll out its limited program next year, which will see 10 licensed cultivators but just seven dispensaries.
Herbert did not support the voter-approved ballot initiative that was ultimately replaced by the state Legislature but he did back that legislative effort. Although he has criticizedthe state-approved program for policies that hinder physicians and federal policies that force canna-businesses to operate in cash only.

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