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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Cannabis Industry Moms Face a Unique Stigma

Cannabis Industry Moms Face a Unique Stigma

The stigma surrounding cannabis still persists. Even in states where cannabis has been legal for years, there are ramifications for those who choose to work in the cannabis industry. That stigma is especially strong when it comes to mothers employed in the cannabis industry. That means many moms live in fear of their child being taken away from them because someone who doesn’t even know them or their circumstances decides that the child is in danger because they saw the mother wearing a shirt with a cannabis company logo on it. What can be done? More education.

“What’s so insane about it is that I might not even be a patient, but I work in the industry, and if my child says, ‘Oh, you know my mom works in the cannabis industry or at a dispensary,’ then it’s a problem,” Macias said. […]

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