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Friday, March 22, 2019


A preliminary study from the University of Miami could be a godsend for those who suffer traumatic brain injuries.
The study, which began in 2016 and is set to conclude in 2021, began by assessing the therapeutic effects of CBD in animals with brain injuries. Researchers found that complementary CBD therapy in conjunction with conventional treatment yielded better results.
Another thing the researchers noted was that their animals experienced no negative side effects with or without CBD.
With these promising results, specialists are ready to test complementary CBD therapy in adults with brain injuries. Among these subjects are the much-revered NHL players, whose popular roles in Canadian and American culture often come at a great cost.
According to the study, contact sports like hockey lead to astronomically high brain injury rates, which can lead to short-term symptoms or long-term damage.
With CBD already gaining so much attention, medical professionals hope that the cannabinoid can offer relief to those who need it.

Currently No Medication for Concussions

Despite our knowledge of brain trauma and arsenal of medications, concussion treatment is sorely lacking, according to Gillian A. Holtz.
Holtz, who holds a Ph.D in neurological surgery, shares her medical community’s frustration. She explains:
“One thing has eluded us – a clinically proven medication to treat concussion. Whether or not this study leads to a pill that could treat concussion, this type of research will pave the way for UM and other researchers to better manage concussion”.
The doctors involved in the study know that CBD will at least help fill the treatment gap.

NHL Players to Participate in Summer 2019

As progress into the promising CBD study heats up, Global News confirms that 100 NHL players will receive the experimental therapy.
50 players will receive CBD (in addition to conventional treatment) and 50 will get a placebo. The results will then be monitored for a year, starting this summer.

“A Safer Alternative”

Unfortunately, the fame and success of professional sports can come at a great cost. Consequently, athletes develop serious issues, such as chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, depression and PTSD.
In many cases, the issues require prescription opioids – something that doctors are not fond of prescribing to these individuals. While narcotics are excellent painkillers, they have a serious chance of dependency – something particularly risky for an already damaged and vulnerable brain.
Ultimately, as Global News reports, doctors want “a safer alternative”. CBD could be the answer.
Although the final results are still about two years away, we hope that the test subjects will respond well to the treatment. If successful, CBD could revolutionize the treatment of concussions and other brain injuries.

WeedAdvisor’s Continued Coverage of Industry Developments

The interest and newfound accessibility to cannabis and cannabinoids means WeedAdvisor’s educational role is paramount. As the list of health benefits grows, so does the need to stay on top of these developments.
Many individuals are unaware that cannabis is even an option for their conditions. This is why we constantly spread the word as new studies and findings develop.
Our end goal in this regard will always be to ensure that individuals know all of their options.

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