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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

If you wouldn’t do or say something in real life - in front of your parents, friends, or boss - then don’t do it online in CCVC.

The Canna Conno Virtual Club, CCVC,  is a community that is here to unite around cannabis. Our goal is to make the world a happier and healthier place through insight and conversations. At CCVC we love productive conversations and we know first-hand there are always different points of view - and we encourage that. That is why we exist.
Our overarching rule is that we expect our members to always act within the law and with kindness.

 Remember, you are accountable for what you post.

1. Search First and Ask Second

We created CCVC so that you can collaborate and communicate with others to discuss a common topic and find relevant information that matches your interests. Dive into a Topic or Course, or two, and browse articles & conversations before you open a new thread.

2. Find The Right Alliance Group (AG)

We have created Alliance Groups for your liking. We encourage you t join, and participate in the groups that meet your interests. If there's no content, create some. We offer Private and Secret Alliance Groups as well.

3. Know and Report Illegal Activity

Each country, state/province, have their own laws around cannabis. In the US, each province has its own laws and Americans are expected to know and follow their respective state laws.
If you see a post or profile you feel is not following the law please use the 'Report' feature which can be found in the menu of all Posts/Comments/Articles and Profiles.
Any illegal activity will result in the proper authorities being notified and the member being banned from CCVC.
Policing our community is a responsibility of every member.

4. Don't Feed Stoner Stereotypes

We are here to support the community around health, education, social impact, and social change for a positive social impact., please keep that in mind. We are fighting stigma and we need your help to do that.

5. Respect Copyrights

Posting articles or images that you did not create, and/or own, and/or have written permission to use from the author is illegal. You are legally responsible for the content you post in your Member Profile and Articles/Posts you create. 
Any illegal activity could result in the proper authorities being notified and the member being banned from CCVC.

6. Be Respectful (Zero-Trolling Policy in Effect)

We aim to maintain a safe and respectful environment for CCVC's members. We ask our members to limit their comments to courteous and respectful language at all times. Any posts that include sexually explicit comments/images, hate-speech, prejudiced or sexist remarks, or profanity will be removed and may result in your account being frozen and possibly banned.
If you feel someone is being malicious or trolling, report them to CCVC, do not engage further with them. 
Basically, do not feed the trolls. Trolls love attention and anger, and they feed on it.

7. Don’t Spam Discussions, Newsfeeds, or Member's Inboxes

Everyone hates spam. If you keep posting the same Comment/Post repeatedly or message a member on CCVC repeatedly you may find your account frozen. If you think a profile was hacked please notify CCVC at contact@cannaconno.coimmediately.

8. Keep Private Information, Private

Never reveal personal information that someone can use to steal your identity or cause you harm in any way. Never provide your personal birthday, phone number, home address or personal email, credit card, identification card, or passwords to anyone online - or - over the phone to someone you don't know. 
Notify CCVC immediately at if you have concerns or think someone's privacy has been violated.

9. No Advertising or Self-Promotion in Discussions

Do not advertise your own products, services, or website links in discussions as our Topics, Courses, and Groups were created to be a place of community and educational information, and are not a place for members to sell services or products. 
These types of posts will be removed and may result in the member account being frozen and possibly banned. 
You are free to write an article about your service/product and link to the article. 
If you are looking for advertising and partnership opportunities, please contact Kavonte or email us @

10. Impersonations Will Not be tolerated

Just because someone says they are a doctor or a lawyer, does not mean they are. Always consult professionals you trust for reputable advice. Attempts to impersonate other members, impersonate a professional (ie. doctor, lawyer, etc.), and/or impersonate a CCVC team member will result in immediate removal and banning on CCVC. 
Further, we may contact the authorities if we believe a crime has been committed.

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