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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Florida Medical Marijuana Update

"Hello All, 

The Florida Legislature passed CS/CS/CS/SB  Medical Use of Marijuana.

Governor Ron DeSantis Signed the bill into law, March 18, 2019.  

The Department of Health is finalizing Rules for packaging and physicians.   

Patients and prospective Medical Marijuana patients should:
  • Contact a Qualified Medical Marijuana Physician to request whole-flower
  • Provide the physician with the reasons why the other forms of medicine did not/or do not work as well as whole-flower, e.g., dosing, price, etc. 
  • State the rationale for whole-flower use, if you prefer to make your own products versus smoke. 

NORML Chapters will gather at the Capitol, April 9, 2019, to advocate for physician pricing transparency and further for patients and caregivers.

The average cost of an initial consult and follow-up appointments in other States range from $49 to $79 dollars.  Floridians are being charged 3 ($169) to 4.5 ($420 to $380) times higher. Initial Consult Fees are the main barrier for entrance into the medical marijuana program.

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