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Friday, May 24, 2019

POLICY/LAWS: NORML's Action Center

NORML's Action Center

Federal Priorities:

See Pending Marijuana Legislation in Your State


2019 State Legislation: On the Governor's Desk

2019 State Legislation: Legalization

2019 State Legislation: Decriminalization

2019 State Legislation: Medical

2019 State Legislation: Expungements

2019 State Legislation: Other Priorities

2019 Local Legislation

2019 State Legislation NORML Opposes

Cannabis as the "Exit Drug" From Opioid Abuse:

Federal Efforts:


2019 State Enacted Legislation

2019 State Vetoed Legislation

2019 State Tabled / Defeated Legislation

Read the Full List of 2018 Approved and Enacted Legislation 

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