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Monday, March 4, 2019

50 Reasons to Legalize Weed by Kavonte Jones via CCVC

The reasons to support the legalization of cannabis are seemingly innumerable, but this is a good place to start.

A U.S. flag redesigned with marijuana leaves blows in the wind as holds a protest in front of the U.S. Capitol on Monday, April 24, 2017, to call on Congress to reschedule the drug classification of marijuana.

The reasons to legalize weed are seemingly infinite. Some of these reasons are grounded in economics, marijuana’s therapeutic potential, or the corrupt legal system that flows from senseless prohibition. And on a different level, in many ways, the simple pleasures of cannabis as a recreational product are enough justification on their own.

Whether you’re a skeptic looking for answers, or an advocate looking for convincing arguments to present to skeptics, these 50 reasons to legalize weedaren’t nearly a complete list, but they’re a good place to start. 

Here are 50 reasons to legalize weed.

Legalizing cannabis will help people treat a host of illnesses and conditions.
1. Cannabis can treat anxiety.

2. Cannabis can treat depression.

3. Cannabis can treat childhood epilepsy

4. Cannabis can treat PTSD

5. Cannabis can treat Glaucoma

6. Cannabis can treat severe nausea.

7. Cannabis can treat Hepatitis C.

8. Cannabis can help patients manage the symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

9. Cannabis can help treat Crohn’s Disease. 

10. Cannabis can treat severe and chronic pain.

11. Cannabis can help treat the symptoms of cancer.

12. Cannabis can treat Fibromyalgia

13. Cannabis can treat anorexia

14. Cannabis can treat migraines

15. Cannabis can treat insomnia and sleeping disorders

17. Cannabis is not addictive.

18. Cannabis can be used to treat addiction, and can, therefore, help solve the opioid crisis

19. Cannabis can treat alcoholism.

20. Cannabis can help women treat their menstrual cramps and pains

21. Cannabis can help treat ADD/ADHD. 
Legalizing cannabis has positive impacts on crime and the legal landscape.
Photo by LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images

22. After marijuana was legalized in Colorado, child and teen marijuana use dropped

23. Studies have shown that legalizing cannabis reduces crime rates

24. Legalizing cannabis will save taxpayers billions of dollars that are spent to prosecute marijuana offenders. 

25. The legalization of marijuana will help slow down America’s egregious mass incarceration problem.

26. Under cannabis prohibition, more than one person is arrested for marijuana every minute of the year. 

27. This mass incarceration problem, exacerbated by the prohibition of marijuana, leads to higher crime rates.

28. Legalizing cannabis will prevent many people from being locked away for years—sometimes even their entire lives—for doing something that most people believe should be legal. 

29. Legalizing cannabis takes revenue dollars out of the hands of violent gangs and drug cartels. 

30. Research showsthat couples who smoke cannabis together are less likely to experience domestic violence and aggression. 

31. Even former police chiefs and officers are getting into the cannabis industry. 

32. Cannabis was only made illegal as a tool to discriminate against, and imprison minority groups
Legalizing cannabis is good for the economy, creates jobs, and bolsters social programs.
Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

33. Cannabis has generated billions of dollars in tax revenues for states that have legalized it. 

34. Cannabis tax revenue has been used to prevent bullying. 

35. Cannabis tax revenue has been used to fund scholarships for higher education

36. Cannabis jobs can allow you to make six figures almost immediately after graduating from university. 

37. Cannabis is projected to create 250,000 jobs by 2020.

38. Legalizing cannabis is allowing Colorado to reduce homelessness

39. Legalizing cannabis is allowing Colorado to put more money into bettering its public schooling system. 
Legalizing cannabis is good for your social life
Photo courtesy of Pineapple Express via Netflix

40. People are replacing alcohol with cannabis, which is much safer.

41. Cannabis can improve your sex life

42. Cannabis encourages bonding, which can improve your relationships. 

43. Cannabis can help you get through painful hangovers. 

44. Unlike alcohol, cannabis doesn’t cause you to blackout and make terrible life decisions. If anything, it will encourage you to watch movies and chill. 

45. While you should always stay sober behind the wheel, cannabis doesn’t causenearly the amount of traffic accident as alcohol, other drugs, and distracted driving.

46. Cannabis makes just about every summer activity more enjoyable. 

48. Canada is legalizing cannabis, and just think about how chill Canada is right now compared to the U.S.

49. Cannabis has long been associated with movements for peace and love, such as anti-war movements. 

50. Cannabis is fun. Sometimes, it doesn’t need to get more complicated than that. 


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